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Health Benefits of Having Clean Carpets

Many people choose to have carpets as their home flooring for a number of different reasons. It’s impact-absorbent, it feels warm and cozy to the feet, and it minimises sound when walking. Couple that with the array of textures and designs, and you’ll understand why it’s a popular flooring option. While carpets do have their advantages, there are some downsides that go along with it. Carpets tend to stain pretty quickly and it absorbs dust, dirt, and debris unlike any other home flooring. for more call carpet cleaning Brisbane

No one wants dirty-looking carpets. Aside from being unsightly, it can also contribute to other health issues. Allergens, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms can reside in the carpet fibers. This can lead to coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and even trigger allergic reactions in some people. The last thing you want is your visitors having to sneeze all over the place because of how much allergens are in your carpets.

Today we’ll be discussing the health benefits of having clean carpets and why it’s important to keep your carpet looking nice and fresh.

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How clean carpets impact your overall health

    1. Harmful pollutants are eliminated.


    Carpets are considered porous materials. Because of the minute spaces between the carpet fibers, harmful pollutants can get trapped and cause negative health conditions like flu and asthma. If you have pets who love to run around outside, chances are they can transfer outside pollutants like dirt and debris. Toxic airborne gases can also stick to the carpet fibers and pollute the air inside your home.


    This can be remedied by regularly vacuuming your carpets at least twice a week. This prevents the accumulation of harmful pollutants whilst keeping your carpets fresh and clean. Failure to do so can lead to bacteria and fungi formation which can contribute to stale air. At this point, vacuuming alone will not suffice and thus requires a steam cleaner to fully penetrate the fibers and kill harmful microorganisms.


    1. Dust mite infestations are wiped out.


    You may not know it, but your carpets make for a perfect breeding ground for dust mites to scatter and multiply. It can be hard to identify a dust mite infestation because these creatures are invisible to the naked eye. You’ll know that you have a dust mite infestation inside your home when you constantly have skin irritation, watery eyes, and a runny nose.


    Dust mites live in upholstery, fabrics, and most commonly, in carpets. They feed on dead skin cells, animal dander, and other trace nutrients. In areas where humidity is quite high, dust mite infestations can become widespread. Ideally, you want to keep your carpets clean and free of any moisture where dust mites can thrive. Dust mites themselves aren’t the ones that trigger allergies, but their fecal matter does. These particles are inhaled when the carpets get ruffled and it can lead to respiratory problems, skin irritation, and other unwanted side effects.

  1. It prevents mould growth.


Carpets are susceptible to mould growth because of its porous nature. Mould carries allergens which, if inhaled, can trigger allergic reactions. Inhaling mould spores can lead to hay fever-like symptoms and in rare cases, cause asthma attacks in certain individuals. Regular carpet cleaning ensures that the mould spores are vacuumed up, thus lessening allergic reactions inside your home.

Mould growth in carpets can be described as any discolouration found on the surface. Sometimes mould is not immediately apparent on carpets and can be characterised by having a stale odour. The problem gets exacerbated if you live in a humid environment. As much as possible, stick to dry cleaning methods when cleaning carpets. Any moisture or liquids that come in contact with the carpet can encourage mould growth, especially if you don’t dry it properly.

  1. Kids can play safely on the floor.


Kids and toddlers spend most of their playtime on carpets where they love to crawl around. You don’t want your children playing on a dirty carpet that’s full of allergens, dirt, and dust mites. A clean carpet is essential for allowing your kids to safely play on the floor. A toddler’s skin is quite sensitive and delicate. If you don’t clean your carpets regularly, your kids can develop skin rashes and experience allergic reactions quite frequently.

  1. Prevents pet dander from accumulating


Pets hang out on the carpet sometimes because of its warm, cozy feeling. Your fuzzy friends shed their fur and may even introduce fleas into the carpet. Over time, these deposits from your pets can accumulate and trigger allergic reactions. You’ll also notice that your carpets will start to smell differently when you have a few pets running around inside.

To prevent unwanted odours and allergic reactions, it’s best to vacuum your carpets regularly. You’ll want to use a specially formulated carpet shampoo every once in a while to dislodge stuck debris and dirt.

How carpet cleaners can help


Cleaning carpets can be quite a challenging task, especially if you’ve neglected it for a long time. Using wet cleaning methods can also increase the risk of mould formation when the carpets don’t dry properly. To save yourself the time and effort, consider hiring the services of professional carpet cleaners. They come equipped with a full arsenal of cleaning equipment from high-powered vacuums and steam cleaners to specially formulated carpet shampoos that lift up stubborn dirt and stains from your carpets.

Professional carpet cleaners do more than just cleaning. They deodorise and sanitise your carpets to ensure that your home is free of allergens and pollutants. Bacteria, dust mites, and other harmful microorganisms can be difficult to get rid of if you don’t have access to the correct equipment. For a deep carpet clean, contact a professional carpet cleaning service and let them handle the work for you.



Clean carpets are essential for a healthy lifestyle. It minimises the risk of allergies and it keeps your family safe from harmful microorganisms. Make sure to clean your carpet on a regular basis and contact a professional carpet cleaning service whenever you need help. This will ensure that your carpets look great and increase the R-value of your property.

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