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Carpet Cleaners Brisbane

When choosing a carpet cleaners Brisbane you want to make sure of a few things:

  • Do they clean to Australian standard?
  • Will they use a pre-spray and deodoriser?
  • Do they understand how to remove stains?


The Australian standard for carpet cleaning is 250 psi. This relates to the pressure applied by the carpet cleaning machine. The higher the psi the more thorough the clean. Imagine having a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have much power. It won’t do a great job of getting debris off the floor. It is much the same with a steam cleaning machine – the higher the psi the better job it does as the machine has a higher suction rate and is able to send a pressurised water flow through the carpet, which is in turn is sucked up by the machines powerful engine.

Carpet cleaners Brisbane | Best carpet cleaning Brisbane

Any carpet cleaner cleaning under the Australian standard of 250 psi is not meeting the requirements of your real estate, nor will the carpet be of a very clean standard. PRE SPRAY & DEODORISING TREATMENT A pre-spray is an absolute must when your carpets are being cleaned. Imagine doing the dishes without any dishwashing liquid. Your dishes would still be dirty! A pre-spray is a chemical the carpet cleaner applies that helps lift easy stains, dissolves dirt and other nasty grime in the carpet. A pre-spray is not a stain removal treatment however and may not remove hard wearing stains. A deodorising treatment is simply sprayed at the end of a carpet cleaning service to leave the carpets smelling fresh. It’s important to remember to leave windows open or fans on if you can. As your carpets are damp after being steam cleaned it allows them to dry out. CARPET STAIN REMOVAL

It’s important that your carpet cleaner knows what chemicals to use on the carpet as misuse of these products can lead to further damage. You may not know it, but some of the domestic carpet cleaners from the supermarket can do more harm than good. For example, when you have a stain and add a domestic spot cleaner to it you alter the stain. Your spot cleaning product may make it difficult for the carpet cleaner to remove. However, this isn’t always the case but you do want to make sure whether your spot cleaning product has bleach in it. Bleach keeps working unless it is thoroughly rinsed out and can leave a light patch on your carpet which can only be rectified by carpet replacement.

This very important to know the “type of stain”. Has wine been spilt on the carpet? Orange drink? Did you try anything to get rid of it? All these factors affect what kind of product the carpet cleaner will use in an attempt to remove it.

Often, carpet cleaning stain removal is an extra cost. This is incurred due to the extra time it takes and chemical cost to remove it. Ask your carpet cleaner what this extra cost will be.


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