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Steam carpet cleaning is the most popular procedure among our clients and this is for a reason. It is the perfect way to purge bacteria, pests and mold from your carpeted floor, while it deep cleans it and efficiently removes soil and dirt. You will be surprised how thorough is this procedure, you would be able to enjoy the bright colors again, as if it was a brand-new one. Apart from these great benefits hot water extraction would restore the air filtering ability of your carpet and by doing so will improve the quality of air inside your residence. Our professionals use a green cleaning formulas which contain no dangerous chemicals, instead they are 100% organic based and evaporate completely when the carpet dries up. This ensures that there would be no toxic vapors or sticky residues that your family members can inhale or touch.

Call 0477593926 now and you'll be put right through to a member of our helpful customer care staff. They're standing by around the clock to take your call and arrange your steam carpet Cleaning Brisbane Northside right now. It's the fastest way to get a free, no-obligation quotation from us too, though you can also get one with absolutely no trouble and no difficulty through filling in our contact us or utilizing our useful chat. Our client care team keeps our aid units fully staffed and set to help you 24/7.

Rinsing with water is the only sure way to remove dirt from the rug. Everyone who has ever seen what water rinsed from a carpet of carpet looks like will undoubtedly agree with this statement.

At this point, it is necessary to ask the popular opinion that rinsing with water is harmful to the carpet. This statement is true only for the most expensive rugs made of silk. All other fabrics and fibers acrylic, wool, synthetic, viscose and shaggy carpets tolerate water.

Partial carpet suction in many cases does not have to be a problem, as long as it provides the right conditions for later drying. However, sipping the carpet or lining through and leaving it wet on the floor is already a simple way for home disaster – we can lead to irreparable damage to the parquet or panels and the development of mold in the carpet rug. For the carpet cleaning north Brisbane service this is a very important task.

You do not need to buy a vacuum cleaner for washing carpets

If we do not have a vacuum cleaner for washing carpets, we can use the rental of washing machines for washing. In many cities, for a reasonable price, it is possible to rent a vacuum cleaner for one day or a device operating in a similar way to equipment used by professionals (i.e. spraying and sucking out water from the carpet).

Of course mastering the work with such a device requires a bit of practice, however, after a dozen or several dozen minutes you should be skilled enough to perform this task without much of a problem. This rinsing can be done with water alone (preferably heat) or with the addition of a special extracting rinsing liquid. For people choosing this option, the network has an interesting offer, which for 1 (provided that you purchase a specialist detergent for about 60) offers a Spray Boy daily rental.

When deciding to rent a vacuum cleaner for washing carpets, it is worth planning a larger wash (eg in agreement with neighbors or friends) – in this way we will distribute the costs (rentals and preparations) for a larger number of rugs (lowering the unit cost per 1m2 of carpet washed).

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