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Eliminating Wine Stains From Upholstery

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Red wine is often people’s biggest fear when it comes to nasty sofa stains. Oracle Upholstery cleaning in Brisbane has had a long tradition with helping people in brisbane remove the stains from their sofas, in the aftermath of parties or the build up to big events; getting rid of those tricky wine stains is one of those things for which people turn to a professional for help. Finding a way in which you can best manage a potential problem can become part of a longer term solution – and much cheaper than replacing your sofa! In order to eliminate wine stains from your upholstery, there are few steps you can follow to prevent the stain becoming a lasting issue.

One of the most important things to do is to respond as quickly as possible. When it comes to spilling red wine, allowing a large pool to settle on the material can make the stain even worse and can mean that it soaks through several layers of fabric. It is always best to ensure that you do your best to remove the majority of the liquid as quickly as possible. If you notice that wine has been spilled, immediately soaking up the excess using a few pieces of kitchen paper can be a big help. Thankfully, because everyone recognizes the difficulty in removing red wine stains, they are often happy enough to help and let you know what has happened quickly.

Because everybody recognises that red wine stains so badly, there are plenty of household remedies and domestic versions of upholstery cleaning. Some of these work and some do not. Salt and white wine are often said to fix the the spill and avoid the stain, though this is often a case of fighting fire with fire and not an ideal solution (as well as being a waste of food). Ordinary laundry detergent can be useful, but pay attention and look for those which are formulated to work with a cold wash. While many household solutions are available, it can often be a case of misinformation. In a party setting, everyone might be on hand to offer their advice on how best to deal with the problem, but these can often be counterproductive. Be careful not to stray and stick to those solutions which you know work best.

If you know that there will be a risk of red wine stains at any point, stop in at your local store and pick up a stain remover that specifically notes this kind of stain removal on the label. Keeping this handy, especially if you’re hosting a party where your guests will be drinking, could save an expensive accident in the long run. Make sure you read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the process before you apply the chemicals – particularly check if the product you’re using is suitable for the fabric type of your furniture.

If you are still having trouble guarding against wine stains on your sofas, then it is comforting to know that professional upholstery cleaning Brisbane  are always on hand. Whilst you can do everything possible to minimise the effects of the spill, getting rid of the actual stain can become an issue and is a process which might be better trusted to a team of dedicated cleaning experts.

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