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Exact amount you going to charge for 3 rooms?

Cheap Carpet cleaning Brisbane

With Oracle carpet cleaning Brisbane you will find that you got the Best and Cheap carpet cleaning Brisbane Service. But Most of the time people call us for booking they generally ask us that how much you gonna charge and then is this the fix amount?

Yes the amount is same $75-3 rooms but Let’s take an example suppose someone needs 3 rooms to be carpet cleaned and they know that the condition of rooms is worst like there are lots of stains through wine some black marks [for better just have a look to images on the left] the little black spots you see in the image is not stains they actually had burnt the carpet with cigarette from many places.

3 Rooms $75 only

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But when i reach there then the situation like shocking because we have to put lots of time efforts because we can not do any magic. we can do hard-work.

so we ask the client that for knowledge i just wanna know these stains were before you moved in or it’ been done by you?

[because sometimes tenant got the carpets in shit condition]

But Most of the times they say oh sorry this has been done by us.

Then i have to ask what you want from me because if want all the stains go off then i have to do scrubbing and putting more time, which gonna be little bit more to given quotation.So they understand the situation and ask us to go for scrubbing


carpet cleaning Brisbane
carpet cleaning brisbane
carpet cleaning brisbane

.Other scenario is they reject then they say ” you have booked us on phone for $75  now you can not increase money”. Even they know that they have not treated the carpet well as it should be. so in this typical scenario i don’t know what should i say but can’t do anything

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