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Frequently Asked Questions

what is carpet steam cleaning?

“carpet steam cleaning” is known as hot water soil extraction cleaning, in this cleaning technique we sprays heated water, sometimes with additional chemicals, on the carpet.and at the same time, the water is vacuumed up,with any dislodged and dissolved dirt or bacteria. Most of the industry manufacturers highly recommend hot water extraction method to effectively clean your carpets which is also called deeper cleaning of carpets.

will carpet cleaning remove dog urine?

We use high-quality pet odor neutralizer to get rid of stain and smell.

will carpet cleaning remove cat urine?

We use high-quality pet odor neutralizer to get rid of stain and smell.

which carpet cleaning method is best?

These are the 5 Basic Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

1.)Hot Water Extraction
2.) Carpet Shampooing
4.)Bonnet Cleaning
5.)Dry Carpet Cleaning
Steam Cleaning Process is that the most popular method recommended by many carpet makers because it removes 99% of dirt and abrasive particles leading to less wear and pile abrasion

can carpet cleaning cause mold?

Answere should be no but only if the carpet cleaning is done properly. mold only grow on the carpet if carpet should be wet for more than 24hours. We assure you if you hire us then your carpets will be dry in just 2-3hours.

are carpet cleaning chemicals dangerous?

Our all chemicals not only environmentally friendly and non-toxic however much safe to use round the kids and pets.


can carpet cleaning make you sick ?

Yes, if you book any cheap carpet cleaning will cause you to Sick.In order to give you better results and dirt/bacteria free carpets we use industry best/expensive chemicals. So you can have carpets where you and your loving ones can live safe and infection free.

why carpet cleaning?

Though a Carpet could look clean but at the surface level, heaps of dust/bacteria particles under the deep weave of carpet material. Which we can not see and if Stains stayes for a long time then it’s very difficult to remove it become permanent. That is why after a short period of time we need carpet cleaning which helps to avoid permanent staining of your carpets.

will carpet cleaning kill fleas?

Steam cleaning can kill fleas. it is a helpful technique for eliminating fleas deep under carpets, also it’s a alternative to clean hard-to-reach areas, like in and around your stuff like furniture. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction simply best for removing fleas/bacteria than vacuums.

will carpet cleaning kill bed bugs?

Simply the answer is no, there is no use of carpet cleaning machine to eliminate bed bugs because Carpet cleaning machines can not reach that high level temperatures to get rid of bed bugs.

carpet cleaning and drying time?

Carpet cleaning time totally depends on size of the property for an example for 3 rooms unit will take around and hour to do carpet steam cleaning and it will take another 2-3 hours for drying.

what does carpet cleaning cost?

Cost totally depends on size of propety or area to be cleaned for 3 rooms carpet cleaning it will cost $75.

How often should carpets cleaned?

Here’s little bit of recommendation. If you wish to increase the lifetime of your carpets, it’snecessary to clean it professionally minimum of once a year. but for busy home with childr and pets , cleaning is recommended as often as after every 3 months

Can you remove all the stains?

It again depends on several factors like if there are stains then to treat those stains we need to know what you had spill on that that we can use the chemical accordingly But don’t try anything by your own like vinegar/baking soda to remove. it gonna make it worse.

Is truck-Mount or electric portable is better?

There is no comparison in that actually because Neither one is better than other. An experienced well trained technician can do equally good job with either type of equipment.  

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes , As our aim is to make our clients 100% satisfied and happy with end results. We provide 100% satisfaction guarantee . which means if you are not happy with any of our service simply give us call in 48 hours.we will come back and try to fix it.

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