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Classic Style Flooring Tips – Home Improvement Ideas

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Flooring is a major component of any house—it sets the ambiance of the room, helps define the purpose of the space, and affects the comfort of walking around the house. With the technology to create multiple designs and experiment with materials, choices for flooring have come a long way. But while there are many exciting trends in style, nothing beats the ever-reliable and always-fashionable classic flooring. Below are some tips to help you bring that neat and classy style to your home. for more call carpet cleaning Brisbane.

Pastel Colours and Patterns in Monochrome

Classic interior design is intended to give off a vintage but fresh vibe. Monochromatic patterns are advisable if you’re going for a traditional appearance taken from the likes of the Victorian era. Black and white or grey and cream are popular choices because they are easy to match in terms of the other parts of the room. Pastel colours are effective as well. Robin egg blue, pale yellow, rose and pale green are suitable for this design theme.

Coloured Tiles and Floral Prints

If you want to make a bolder statement that still says classic, you can also consider using coloured tiles inspired by Mediterranean, Italian, or Spanish designs. The blues, greens, and reds of these styles are striking colours that inject more life to a tired room. Floral prints are also refreshing and charming, making your home feel cozier and more comfortable.

Matte Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the classic flooring choice and have been a staple over the years. Ceramic tiles were first mass produced in the Victorian era, making them all the more appropriate for your traditional design. They are mostly used for hallways and kitchens, but matte surfaces are most popular and ideal in bathrooms. They add class to the space while promoting safety at the same time.

Reclaimed wood

In line with the growing popularity of vintage themes, reclaimed wood is one of the highly in demand flooring materials recently. It can come from a wide range of sources such as gym floors, former retail flooring, and even old wine crates. It’s very stylish and blends well with the right wooden furniture. It’s also a pleasant surface to welcome you home after a long day.

Wood –look over hardwood

The downside of having a hardwood floor is the risk of scratches and water damage reducing its ideal useful life. It can also be difficult to maintain. A less costly alternative is the use of ceramic or porcelain tile that looks like wood. It’s more durable and easily replaceable in cases of damage. It’s also more flexible for customization, allowing you to adjust as you wish.

Classic Carpets

If you want to bring the classic flooring style with no major construction or considerable expense, the best choice is to install a traditional but fashionable carpet. Regardless of the material your floor is made of, a carpet of the right color and style can bring a vintage feel to your home. It also adds a layer of comfort to the space and reduces the noise made by walking on the floorboards. A fresh looking carpet also prevents your classic interior design from feeling outdated. Just remember to have it cleaned regularly to sustain your desired theme.

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