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Leather Couch Cleaning Brisbane

We’re specialists in the cleaning of all leather types. These special fabrics deserve the very best treatment and that’s what they’ll get. Book us for your suede, nubuck, aniline and semi-anillin leather, and pigmented finishes too. It makes no difference if your pieces are in your home or office we’ll send a cleaner to any property in the district. Trust us with your sofa, armchairs, office and dining chairs, pouffes, footstools and any other leather upholstery you may have. We also have a range of treatments for faux leather furniture.

How we do it?

Natural leather – natural leather needs regular maintenance to keep its texture and appearance, The porous nature of the fabric also makes it vulnerable to staining as liquids spilt on leather furniture will tend to soak in. Over time, and especially in centrally heated homes where the air is usually dry, the natural oils that act to protect and preserve leather are depleted, causing dryness and even leaving the fabric at risk of tearing or flaking. For this reason, your cleaning is followed by moisturising and conditioning of the fabric.

Cleaning is completed first, then a moisturising agent is applied using a micro-fibre cloth. Once the leather has soaked up as much of the conditioner as it needs excess, is wiped away leaving the furniture looking clean, with restored texture and shine and with a natural protective coating which means spillages are less likely to cause staining.

Synthetic leather – synthetic leather is generally cleaned with more mainstream detergents rather than specialist leather cleaning agents. Being non-porous, and less likely to absorb spillages and stains, synthetic leather cleaning is somewhat easier than natural leather cleaning. To treat any accumulations of dirt and grime, or remove odours, your cleaner will use a series of detergents applied by hand with a microfiber cloth. The cloth soaks up any excess cleaning compounds, leaving a small portion to be air dry. The detergents used for cleaning synthetic leather are themselves natural and non-toxic.

Why choose us?

  • Eco-friendly leather cleaning
  • Extra protection against stains
  • Excellent customer support
  • Instant bookings
  • Affordable, fixed rates

We’re proud to boast a 99% customer satisfaction rating on leather cleaning services. A combination of the skill and experience of trained and certified cleaners and the top quality, eco-friendly detergents provided by Prochem come together to deliver you a result that will delight. There will be no odour left behind by the cleaning process and the texture of the leather will benefit from the conditioning agents used. Look forward to getting your leather upholstered furniture back to the sumptuous feel and luxurious look that you first bought it for.

leather couch cleaning brisbane
leather couch cleaning brisbane

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