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Pet Damage Cleanup

So you have the best-behaved and trained pooch. But this is no guarantee for the cleanest and spotless upholstery and carpets at home. Accidents happen! Even to the best pets. Did you know that urine is one of the most damaging agents that your carpet and upholstery? Washing it with the best of detergent is a good solution. However, homeowners still complain of the odor that lingers.

Most people fail to understand that pet odor is deeper than it appears. Urine gets soaked up through the rug and underlying padding. To worsen the condition, it sinks deeper into the floor below. This might seem to be a normal condition to homeowners but technically speaking, it is a multifaceted problem that leads to the growth of harmful bacteria. As a result, the odor becomes stronger and causes permanent fading of colors, gloss and overall charm of the carpet.

urine stain removal

If left untreated, pet odor can worsen the home environment, furnishings, and upholstery. Its gets absorbed the upholstered furniture. Other important things such as curtains, blinds, baseboards, sheetrock and even the concrete foundation at home get affected.

It is important to treat this problem by removing the urine from the affected layers. Most homeowners just clean the top layer of the affected material. However, this is not the best solution. The contamination gets transferred to the floor fast. A urine neutralizer can prove to be the best solution in this regard. Sometimes, under the worst condition, the only solution is to replace the carpet or upholstery completely. Floor replacement might be necessary. This is an expensive solution.

Cleaning problem areas of upholstery might not eliminate the odor. In fact, sometimes, the attempt might lead to sever increase in the odor across the home. Best results can be obtained via cleaning pet urine when it is fresh. This means that the treatment should be done way before it can lead to serious permanent damage to carpet, upholstery and floor. The moment pet urine dries, its acidic properties can make homeowners face tough time removing. When left untreated for many days or weeks, the urine interferes with the material of the fabric. This can cause irreversible staining and damage.

There are many home remedies that can prevent this from happening. First, it is important to clean the affected areas immediately via blotting with a paper or white towel. This should be done until traces of urine are no more seen. Another pet damage treatment option is to mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of water. The mixture needs to be dabbed on to the spot using a cloth. Vinegar is a powerful agent that facilitates neutralization of odor. It is crucial to be extremely careful when buying carpet detergents and cleaning solutions. Most of these are harsh and can damage carpets and upholstery.

The best solution is to seek professional help. These days, many options are available to deal with urine stains removal. Professional pet damage treatment Brisbane deal with problems related to pet odor and damage done by pets at home. The professionals working for these companies in Brisbane are trained to clean upholstery and maintain its original charm.

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