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Using Natural Products for Cleaning

Using Natural Products for Cleaning

Many people have started looking for alternavite ways of cleaning their home without using harsh chemicals. Particularly as there has been an increase in children developing allergies that are a reaction to their environment. People want to have a clean home without the nasty side affects and cleaning supplies can be expensive – so how do you keep your home clean and avoid the costs and setbacks of chemicals? With just a few products you can have an arsenal of cleaning products that are safe and will still make your home shine!

Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarbonate of Soda has long been touted for its cleaning ability and a similar product was used by the ancient Egyptians as a cleaning agent. Bicarb of Soda makes a great scouring agent. Use for: Try taking a tablespoon mixed with a bit of water and use it to clean the sink or bench. Add a tablespoon of bicarb to your washing as a replacement for softener. Dilute with warm water to remove coffee and tea stains. Make into a paste to remove surface rust. Place in the fridge to absorb nasty smells.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a popular cleaning solution as it has so many uses in the home. It’s also cheap to buy, readily accessible from your local supermarket and can be used in cooking too!

Use for:

Mix two tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon white vinegar to clean chrome sink taps.
Use a cloth soaked in white vinegar to clean benches. It’s a natural deodoriser.
A natural ‘grease buster’ use white vinegar to dissolve grease.
Spray at full strength around the bathroom for a mild disinfectant.
Repel ants by spraying undilluted wherever you see their activity.

Lemon Juice

Grow a lemon tree in your yard for access to one of nature’s great cleaning agents. Also good for spritzers and cooking.

Use for:

A halved lemon can be used as a wood polish to remove fingerprints, old wax and grime.
Dip half a lemon in salt for an easy clean of pots and pans.
Whiten and brighten clothes by soaking overnight in a generous amount of lemon juice.

Coffee Grounds

Ahhh… coffee. Lots of people have coffee machines in their homes – but what to do with the leftover coffee grounds?

Use for:

Coffee can dye things like paper and fabric (brown of course) but can also be used for covering a scratch in wooden furniture. Apply with a cotton tip.
Coffee grounds are abrasive and can be used on pots and pans with a cloth.
Coffee grounds make great plant food and are good for composting!

Pure Soap

Concentrated soap made from 100% pure vegetable oils and water (what could be more green than that?) It’s also biodegradable and will clean most things in your home.

Use for:

Washing clothes
Mix with bicarb of soda to create a great scrub for tiles in the bathroom
A body and hair wash – can even be used as a shampoo for dogs.

With just a few ingredients you can look after most chores in your house. The above uses are just a few examples – the possibilities for green cleaning are nearly endless!

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