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Vintage Cleaning Tips

vintage cleaning tips :Cleaning is not outdated, even if some people are regarding it as out-rated domestic routine, that they will rather leave to professionals. Cleaning has a long history and is considered as old as dirt itself. So before you postpone cleaning once again, check our vintage cleaning tips and get down to cleaning with style and Bad habits- put them to good use

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Vintage cleaning tip #1 – Never throw away something you may re-use. This not only about recycling, but you can always follow grandma’s tip and keep storage containers and boxes.

Vintage cleaning tip # 2 – Add some more polish to your furniture by first deep cleaning it with soft cloth and some lemon juice. The polish is a home-made one made of linseed oil and some turpentine. Rub well and then remove the excess with a woollen cloth.

Vintage cleaning tip # 3 – wipe your clean dry window panes with a rag dipped in glycerin. They will be less dust to remove and cleaning will be easier.

Vintage cleaning tip # 4 – when you are making your mirrors shine, you can add some borax and they will definitely shine in their best. Dry with a soft cloth.

Vintage cleaning tip # 5 – fight finger prints on walls with a slice of stale bread. Just wipe vertically and the wall paper will be refreshed and clean again.

Following these tips will allow you to add some class to deep cleaning as any of these has been practiced over the years and is a reliable method you can start using right up.

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