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Will you be able to remove all the stains?

Stain Removal Brisbane

“Stains on carpet is a pain for many people and you can not escape it. As a carpet cleaner i get to hear from customer that “will you be able to remove stains from carpet”?

My answer is :Yes We can definitely remove all kind of stains from your  carpets. 

stain removal is one of the most common Carpet problem if stains don’t go off.

Typically, fresh stains made of spilt food or drinks are relatively easy to clean with warm water and a cotton cloth. Stains can also be cleaned with ammonia, vinegar, dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide, etc. All this substance can successfully removed various types of stains. For example, you can get rid of greasy stains with white vinegar and water. However, if the stains are dry and severe (blood or ink stains), you will need professional cleaning products that are specially created to deal with stubborn stains. These detergents are aggressive but they don’t damage the fabrics. No matter what type of a cleaning agent you decide to use to eliminate the stains, it is recommended to try on a hidden part of the fabric to see how it works.

Actually there are several factors behind removing stains.if you have proper knowledge about carpet(type of carpet)  for an example it’s nylon,wool or Polyester etc and then type of stain like what it is,how long it has been there and did you try anything on it. with that the cleaner should  have good experience in removing stains and if cleaner doesn’t have proper experience & knowledge then probably you are making things worse.

Some tips about stain removal Brisbane :

1.) Fresh stains are easy to remove or deal with.

2.) with the Time stain can be permanent.

3.) Don’t try baking soda and vinegar on carpet as it leave residue after using it or in some cases these ingredients enhance the stains to get deeper in the carpet piles..

There is a wide range of stain removal products in market like almost every type of stain there are different products available like for removing wine or coffee there is a different stain removal, to remove ink or food stains there is different chemical available.
So in order to get rid of stains we have to use a compatible chemical which resemble your type of  stain.

Prevention is as equally important as cleaning.

You need to protect the upholstery from the various pollutants: dust, dirt, hair, oil, food and drinks. One way to prevent soiling and stains is to cover your sofa with a throw. However, if you don’t like this idea, you may use the throw when you are planning activities that involve a high risk of stains and soiling, such as eating or children’s games and colouring.
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There is a stain on carpet.

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successfully removed the stain & carpet look like new.

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